We at Reliance Community Farms are forming an intentional community based on sustainable agriculture and sustainable, renewable living.

To that end, we are looking for persons, single, married or whatever, of any race, creed, sexual orientation or personal belief who are adept in, but not limited to, gardening, horticulture and animal husbandry.  Everyone will be tolerant of others beliefs and lifestyle. Physical violence will not be tolerated.

The community land will be owned by Paul and Gloria, and administered as a democratic, patriarchal, society. We have a central house, individual, lockable bedrooms, with communal eating and cooking. We have room for several rv's and tents.  Members can be afforded a living by profit sharing. Each member will control and be responsible for their individual finances. Outside jobs are acceptable. Plots of land will be available for lease to further individual projects. Pets tolerant of other pets (like cats) and not killers of chickens and ducks can be welcome dependant on availability of space.

The buildings will include a community kitchen/ great room, library, food storage, lockable bedrooms for individuals or couples (8 ft. by 20 ft and sharing a bathroom) a bunk and group beds area for visiting relatives and special occasions. Water pumping windmill with rain water system backup, solar and wind for power along with a methane producing biodigester will provide utilities. We will have areas that will be multi purpose use as classrooms and entertainment. There is a 40 ft by 40 ft. courtyard containing 2,600 gal water storage tank, windmill, small swimming pool, fish pond and the entire rest of the area devoted to tropical plants such as papayas and bananas. The kitchen will contain a complete commercial kitchen for value added products.

The community is based on 52 acres of very fertile land that will have 22 acres of orchard and 29 acres of pasture for donkeys, pigs and goats. The house will sit on 1 acre.

Located between Floresville and Stockdale, Texas off of FM 537. 35 minutes from San Antonio and 1 hour and 15 minutes to Austin.